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Collapse / expand all regions in a file
6 41 25-Sep-2020
Andrew Medvedev
Extension "AlterNET Studio v6" causes Visual Studio hangs
2 40 21-Sep-2020
Wolfgang HG
Crash in code completion popup if class and namespace with same name
3 50 17-Sep-2020
Wolfgang HG
Hidden/invisible lines in TextEditor example request
8 327 10-Sep-2020
Andrew Medvedev
Adding a reference after setting text can lead to warnings / red squiggles in the editor
5 57 10-Sep-2020
License question
3 48 09-Sep-2020
Block selection Ctrl+Alt
3 62 28-Aug-2020
CopyReferencedAssemblies Optmization
3 180 21-Aug-2020
Script Editor is unable to open .Net Core class library project
7 231 17-Aug-2020
Yevgeni Zolotko
Where's the .Close() for DebuggerCommunication.StartServer?
3 115 17-Aug-2020
Using C# scripter to control host app.
5 174 06-Aug-2020
Andrew Medvedev
Compiled Scripts
10 766 29-Jul-2020
Yevgeni Zolotko
python code completion
10 749 08-Jul-2020
Yevgeni Zolotko
Setting focus to a line in the script
3 135 03-Jul-2020
Script Debugger does not evaluate variables in functions with yield return
2 132 02-Jul-2020
Yevgeni Zolotko