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2 75 12-Nov-2019
Andrew Medvedev
ScriptDebugger: Inspect values of ref variables
4 74 08-Nov-2019
Andrew Medvedev
PDB files for nuget packages
2 51 07-Nov-2019
Andrew Medvedev
Trigger Code Completion From Code
2 70 04-Nov-2019
Andrew Medvedev
Mark items in CodeCompletion
2 83 31-Oct-2019
Andrew Medvedev
The invoked member is not supported in a dynamic assembly.
2 116 31-Oct-2019
Andrew Medvedev
Application scripting classes/objects, Extensibility Studio and IntelliSense
8 880 08-Oct-2019
Andrew Medvedev
Ability to add Visual Elements to Line
9 161 30-Sep-2019
Andrew Medvedev
Scheme for Mustache template language
2 81 27-Sep-2019
Andrew Medvedev
Syntax Editor as Expression editor
8 127 23-Sep-2019
Roslyn script and Global variables
1 70 23-Sep-2019
Change Colors in WPF Editor?
3 290 10-Sep-2019
Licence for build machine
3 119 09-Sep-2019
Debug a internal script
2 162 30-Aug-2019
Andrew Medvedev
Format and navigate
6 576 29-Aug-2019