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AlterNET Extensibility Studio 3.0

11-May-2018 06:03 PM

Andrew Medvedev

Andrew Medvedev

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Extensibility Studio 3.0 is a major update focusing on core product and installation improvements.

Below is list of changes in this release:

  + It's now possible to install major versions of Extensibility Studio side-by-side.
  + Installation user interface has been reworked to provide a better user experience on high-dpi screens.
  + It's now possible to change location of demo projects.
  + Project converter tool to upgrade projects from previous versions has been added.
  + Nuget package Alternet.ExtensibilityStudio.RoslynDependencies containing all required assemblies for Roslyn parsers has been published.
  - Alternet.Scripter.Debugger.UI is now signed with a strong name.

  + Code completion for Roslyn parsers has been reworked and now uses internal Microsoft.CodeAnalisys code completion API.
  + Syntax highlighting for Roslyn parsers has been reworked and now uses Microsoft.CodeAnalisys classificators.
  + Scroll bar annotations now include current position marker.
  + Roslyn parser has been optimized by handling incremental changes during text editing. 
  - Parameter tooltip now closes when user types ")" or navigates beyond argument list. 
  - Bug with syntax error highlighting not always updating during text editing is now fixed.
  - Bug with incorrect indentation when pressing Enter is now fixed.
  - Bug with inserting new line inside XML Comments for C#/VisualBasic parsers is now fixed.
  - Bug with deleting text in column text editing mode has been fixed.
  - Bug with inserting of code snippets has been fixed.
  - Bug with "With" clause in MS SQL parser has been fixed.

Scripter/Script Debugger
  + Added Run to Cursor command during debug session.
  + Added Set Next Statement command during debug session.
  + Expression evaluation during debug session can be cancelled if it's taking long time to complete.
  + Methods can be executed by passing fully qualified names to RunMethod.
  + Expression evaluation results now display elements of IList/IEnumerable.
  + Static/Private members are now displayed in evaluation results in separate sub-nodes.
  + If code stops in system libraries where source code is not available, current execution line is highlighted with a different color. 
  - Bug with evaluation of lambda expressions has been fixed.
  - Bug with incorrect code generated when passing IDictionary objects to the scripts has been fixed.
  - Bug with RunProcess blocking executable so it cannot be recompiled has been fixed.

Form Designer
  + Added options for showing grid, snap lines and a grid size.
  - Issue with incorrect control naming when text contains non-literal characters has been fixed.
  - Issue with arrow keys not working for moving/resizing controls has been fixed.

Demo projects
  + New example showing how to execute scripts in separate Application domain has been added.
  + Added "Goto Definition" for the text under cursor to Extensibility Studio demo.