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AlterNET Extensibility Studio 5.0

04-Jun-2019 12:46 PM

Andrew Medvedev

Andrew Medvedev

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Extensibility Studio 5.0 is a major release focusing on installation improvements, Code Editor new features and TypeScript/JavaScript support for Form Designer. 
Read highlights of version 5 here.
Below is list of changes in this release: 

Code Editor 
    + Appearance of Search/Replace dialog boxes now matches latest Visual Studio.
    + Improved search highlighting for Code Completion listbox.
    + Category Filtering added to Code Completion listbox. 
    + Adde Support for .NET 4.6 / Roslyn 2.10, allowing using C# 7 features (available via nuget)
    + Dark color theme is now supported (via Customize quick start project).
    + Types and reserved words are highlighted in Quick Info tips. 
    - Fixed few issues related to multiple-documents search.
    - Fixed bug with not showing localized descriptions in Code Completion windows.
    - Fixed bug with disposing Code Editor in split mode.
    - Fixed bug with caret mis-alignment in WPF Code Editor

    + Improved look and feel of Debugger UI widgets
    - Issue with expression evaluation during debugging when mouse pointer is over commented text.
Form Designer 
    + Custom menu actions form Windows Forms Designer controls are now supported.
    + Property filtering is now available for Windows Forms Designer toolbox.
    - Fixed bug related to adding duplicate items and tabs to Form Designer toolbox.
    - Fixed bug with dragging same control multiple files to WPF Form Designer.
    - Fixed bug with disabled popup menus for WPF Form Designer.
    - Fixed bug with Form Designer toolbox appearance when large font is used.
    - Fixed bug with serlaization of special character like < and > in WPF Form Designer.

    + Added support for Visual Studio 2019.
    + Core libraries are distributed via NuGet packages.
    + Design-time extensions can now be configured for individual versions of Visual Studio.

    + Typdef definition files for .NET assemblies (clr.d.ts) are generated on a fly based on host configuration.
    + Windows Forms Designer now supports saving/loading its content to TypeScript/JavaScript files.
    + Added demo projects for WPF.
    - Fixed issues with incorrect code completion for .NET types.