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AlterNET Extensibility Studio 2.0 is here


We are proud to announce the new version of Extensibility Studio 2.0 is available for immediate download.

Extensibility Studio 2.0 is a major update bringing many new features across all our products.


Code Editor gets closer to Visual Studio text editor

We have implemented features like scroll bar annotations, null-width block selection, multiple search occurrences highlighting and updated appearance of bookmarks, braces and info diagnostics.


Syntax Parsing improvements

We continue to improve our advanced C# and VB.NET parsers.We have added support for the most of C# 6/ VB 14 syntax such as Null-conditional operators, Expression bodies on method-like members and Null-Propagating Operators.
We have also added quick start projects showing how to edit SQL code based on Microsoft SQL DOM parser and how editor can be configured to handle C# or VB.NET class or method body.


Form Designer improvements

We have supported the most common shortcuts in Form Designer and enhanced Toolbox control to support default actions such as renaming, moving, adding items and categories, as well as saving/loading toolbox state.


Scripter and Script Debugger improvements

We have implemented support for multiple debug sessions on the same machine, ability to specify platform target (AnyCPU/x86/x64) for the compiled scripts and added code completion in Expression Evaluation dialog.


Handling High-dpi screen resolutions

All our visual controls now correctly support high-resolution screens in dpi-aware applications.


Please refer to the Version history and release notes for the complete list of changes.

Download a free evaluation version today!