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AlterNET Software acquires Quantum Whale technology and releases Extensibility Studio


We're excited to share the news about the acquisition of Quantum Whale technology, which happened earlier in 2016. Following this acquisition we worked closely with Quantum Whale developers to incorporate Quantum Whale Editor.NET and Scripter.NET products into AlterNET Software products and solutions. After months of development we are finally ready to release the very first version of AlterNET Software Extensibility Studio – a complete solution allowing to extend your WinForms or WPF application with user-defined logic.

We are also very happy to inform that we were able to retain all Quantum Whale development and support staff, which combined with our own resources will allow us to take these products forward.

We’re committed to provide support for the already existing Quantum Whale customers, as well as help with converting already existing projects to use newly released products; all customers with an active subscription of Editor.NET or Scripter.NET products are entitled to a free upgrade to AlterNET CodeEditor and AlterNET Scripter respectively, and we will be offering significant discounts for all other customers.

Happy coding!
AlterNET Software