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AlterNET Extensibility Studio 4.0

20-Dec-2018 10:56 PM

Andrew Medvedev

Andrew Medvedev

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Extensibility Studio 4.0 is a major release focusing on adding TypeScript/JavaScript support for Code Editor, Scripter and Script Debugger. 

Below is list of changes in this release: 

Code Editor 
    + New TypeScript/JavaScript parser has been added, based on Microsoft TypeScript engine.
    + Conditional Compilation has been added to Roslyn-based C# and Visual Basic parsers.
    + Descriptions and parameter tooltips in code completion are displayed with colors.
    + Data-Tips: Expression can be evaluated directly in the Code Editor when hovering mouse over symbol in debug mode.
    + Find All References/Find Implementations functions added to Roslyn-based C# and Visual Basic parsers.
    + Content dividers added to Roslyn Visual Basic parser.
    + Python parser extended to support Python 3.7 syntax.
    + Code Completion engine now supports multiple projects for Roslyn-based C# and Visual Basic parsers.
    + New parser for ASP.NET WebForms has been added.
    - Bug with Replace All not working over multiple documents has been fixed.
    - LineTerminator property is no longer ignored when saving text to the file.
    - Bug with incorrect indentation for array declarations with JavaScript parser has been fixed.
    - Bug with incorrect formatting when pasting Visual Basic code has been fixed.

Scripter/Script Debugger 
   + Scripting and Debugging engine have been added for TypeScript/JavaScript.
   + Speed of the expression evaluation have been significantly improved.
   + Expression evaluation now clearly displays public/protected/private members of evaluated objects.
   + Class-less scripts for C# and Visual Basic are now supported.

Form Designer 
    + Outline View Control has been added for WPF Form Designer.
    + Property grid filtering has been implemented for WinForms Form Designer.
    + WinForms Form Designer now supports designing localized version of the form.
    + Compile method added allowing to compile Form being designed into dll.
    + In-memory Form designer data-source has been added for WPF Form Designer.
    + Toolbox now accepts adding multiple assembly files at once.
    - Bugs with resolving assembly references when placing third-party controls has been fixed.
    - Bug with creating event handlers in Visual Basic has been fixed.

Demo projects 
    + New examples showing how to execute and debug TypeScript/JavaScript have been added. 
    + Added "Find References/Find Implementations" for the text under cursor to Extensibility Studio demo.   
    + Added support for opening Visual Studio solution containing multiple projects in Extensibility Studio demo.

    + Demo Libraries code is merged with Core Libraries, Demo library assemblies are included in the installation with versioned names.