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About us

At AlterNET Software, we develop products and solutions that allow extending WinForms or WPF .NET applications with user-defined logic, code-editing functionality and custom user interfaces. We are committed to provide the best quality software development products, expert-level technical support, custom development and integration services enabling our customers to develop and deliver their tomorrow's applications.

version 5 is here

Extensibility Studio

A complete solution allowing you to extend your .NET application with user-defined logic and custom user intefaces. It provides a set of component libraries that allows users of your applications to write scripts in C#, Visual Basic, TypeScript or JavaScript programming languages to enhance existing or define new logic; run and debug these scripts with a fully-featured debugging engine and design visual user interfaces.

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Individual Libraries

Code Editor

Powerful edit control designed for efficient source code editing.

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Form Designer

Visual Form Designer for designing custom user interfaces.

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A component library enabling scripting for .NET appications.

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Our customers

Our software is used worldwide across number of industries, including technology, engineering, manufacturing, financial services, life science, healthcare and education.

AlterNET’s tools are an integral part of our SCADA HMI builder product. We could not have gone to market on-time without it. The software is solid, the support is excellent, and the price is unbeatable.

Walter Goodwater, Weatherford

We use AlterNET to drive our business process system. It has saved us countless hours of development and design to help us streamline our systems.

Ronnie Barnard, Neurolens