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Licensing Model

Does every developer using AlterNET Software products need a license?

Yes. Each developer that uses our products must have their own license. License is only required when developing and compiling applications that use AlterNET Software products; end-users or testers of compiled applications do not require a license.
Please refer to our License agreement for more information.

Can I install the license on 2 different computers?

Yes. We provide 3 activations per license, so the developer can install the license on his primary machine as well as on another computer (laptop for example). We provide the third one, so it can be installed on a build server if needed. Should you require more activations (due to hardware change, for example), please email us at

Can I transfer my license to another developer?

Yes. It is recommended to deactivate your license (by running "LicenseActivation.exe -deactivate" from AlterNET Software programs folder) first, and then activate it on another developer's computer.
If you need to update contact information associated with the license, please contact us at

How do I activate my license?

Upon registering your AlterNET Software products, you will receive a license key. Then you will need to run the license activation tool (located in Program Files (x86)\AlterNET Software\AlterNET Studio\Bin\LicenseActivation.exe) and activate your license by entering this key.

Product and Subscription Pricing

What benefits am I getting when renewing my Subscription?

When you buy AlterNET Software products, you will receive 12 months of free upgrades to any subsequent releases (major or minor). After the 12 month period you may choose to renew the subscription and receive another 12 months of free upgrades. The price for the 12 months subscription is significantly lower than the price for original license. If you choose not to renew, you can still continue using the last version you have received.
If you need to renew your subscription after it has lapsed, please contact us at

Can I continue to use the products when the subscription expires?

Yes. You can continue using AlterNET Software products which you have licensed for as long as you need; however you will not be getting upgrades to the new releases anymore.
When a subscription expires, you will still be able to renew your license, but the renewal cost will be higher.

Do I need to pay you royalties if I use AlterNET Software products in my application?

We do no charge any royalties for the redistribution of components that have been integrated into applications in the form of binary assemblies.
Please refer to "Redistributables" section in our License agreement for the list of dlls you can include in the distribution.
Please note that in order to distribute the application using AlterNET Software products, it needs to be compiled with the valid license.

Purchase Process and Product Delivery

I want to order a new product from your website, how do I proceed?

Once you evaluate our products and make a purchasing decision, you should navigate to the Buy page and click the "Buy Now" button next to this product.
Clicking on the "Buy Now" button will place the product to the shopping cart, and you will be automatically redirected to Checkout.

Should you need help with placing the order, please feel free to contact us at

I am an existing customer and would like to renew my subscription, how do I proceed?

On the Buy page please navigate to the "RENEW YOUR SUBSCRIPTION" section, and click on the "Buy Now" button next to the subscription you need to renew - it will place the product to the shopping cart, and you will be automatically redirected to Checkout.
Please note that you need to have an existing license with an active subscription to be able to renew. If your subscription has lapsed, please contact us at

What are the payment methods you accept?

We accept payments by Visa/MasterCard on our website. Alternatively you can use PayPal, which handles additional credit card types.


We also accept wire transfers to our company's bank account, which takes 3-5 business days to be processed - please contact us at should you wish to proceed with this option.

What multiple user discounts do you provide?

We offer multiple user discounts for all of our products.
These discounts are automatically calculated when you submit a multi-user purchase to us via our website.
We offer 20% discount for 5+ licenses and 40% for 10+ licenses.


Please contact us at, should you need to buy a larger amount of licenses or the site license.

I've ordered your product. What happens next?

Upon ordering our product you will receive a confirmation email containing information about your order.
We will generate and issue a License Key within 24 hours after the purchase.
You will need to activate your product with this key using the LicenseActivation tool located in the Bin directory under AlterNET Studio's program folder.

You can also create a user account with the email address used in the ordering process - this will allow you to access your order history and license keys via our website.

Support Services

What are the ways of getting support and what is the response time?

We provide support though the Support Forum or by email: Normally we reply to all support questions within one business day, but support time may vary depending on the load on the support team.
We provide both pre-sale support for prospective customers and to the developers with a valid license.

If a bug is found and reported in any of your products, do you provide a hotfix?

In most cases we try to provide either a workaround or a hot fix for the bugs being reported. Sometimes to fix a bug properly we might require additional development and testing, in this case we will try to incorporate the bug fix in the subsequent service pack release or minor update.

Source code and Distribution

Do you provide a source code for your products?

Yes. Universal editions of every product come with a full source code, including a design-time code.

Can I change source code that is being provided?

Yes, you can change the source code. However, this will be your responsibility to apply the changes to the sources when we release a new version. Extensive changes might also limit our ability to provide support for modified sources.
We do not provide our signing keys for any assemblies you modify, so you will need to sign them with your own strong key and update .licx files.

Can I debug AlterNET Software source code?

Yes, you can. The projects that come with the full source code can be added and referenced in your solution, allowing to stop on breakpoints in the AlterNET Software source code.

We also provide PDB files with the source code, which can be added to Visual Studio Symbol (.pdb files) locations at Tools > Options > Debugging > Symbols. This way when stepping in our code during a debugging session, Visual Studio will ask for the source code location.
You may also chose to disable "Enable Just My Code" and "Step over properties and operators (Managed only)" in Debugging General Settings for a better debugging experience.
Please refer to this article for more details.

Can I distribute my products with modified sources?

Yes, provided that you do not repackage and redistribute our libraries in a form of competing products.
You will also need to sign modified assemblies with your own strong key file, as we do not provide our own.
You cannot redistribute sources themselves, unless you request an OEM license and are granted written permission from AlterNET Software.

How do I build source code with my own strong key?

AlterNET libraries included in the installation are compiled with our own strong key, which we do not distribute.
If you need to compile AlterNET source code, it's recommended to use your own strong key. This key can be created using Microsoft .NET Framework SDK sn.exe utility:
sn -k StrongKey.snk.
Please refer to Key\readme.txt file provided with your sources for further details.

Once the source code is built, you can find out new public token using same sn utility:
sn.exe - T

Then if you'd like to build and debug your projects with these compiled libraries, you will need to replace AlterNET PublicKeyToken in appropriate licx files in your project with the new one.


Note: Even though our libraries can be used with Visual Studio 2015 and Visual Studio 2017, the source code only be compiled with Visual Studio 2019