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Extensibility Studio

A complete solution for extending your .NET applications with user-defined logic.


Individual Libraries

Code Editor

A powerful edit control designed for effective source code editing.

Form Designer

A Visual Form Designer for designing custom user interfaces.



A component library enabling scripting for .NET applications.


Platform-Specific editions

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Each developer within your organization who is using AlterNET Software products must obtain an appropriate individual license. We offer tiered discounts when purchasing more than one license for your development team. Site and OEM licenses are also available - contact our sales department for more information.

License and Renewals

AlterNET perpetual product license includes a subscription that lasts for a 12-month period. Upon the expiration of a subscription, you can optionally renew it for an additional 12 months to receive another year of updates. Renewal rates are significantly lower than the license cost. Please refer to our License FAQ for more details.

Money-back guarantee

All of our products come with a 30 day money back guarantee; if a product does not work for you, we will return your money. Refunds are unconditional: you can request a refund for any reason within the 30 days term and you will get the entire purchase price refunded.

Pricing and licensing terms are subject to change with or without notice. Refer to the AlterNET End-User License Agreement for terms and conditions that govern redistribution right.