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Demo Projects


Demonstrations and Quick Start guide projects are designed to explain how to use AlterNET Studio's features.

AlterNET Studio Demo

AlterNET Studio Demo shows how all our products work together,from designing visual interface using Form Designer, to writing application logic in Code Editor and executing and debugging this code with Scripter.

AlterNET Studio allows you to extend your WinForms or WPF .NET application with code editing, scripting and user interface designing capabilities.

Code Editor Demo

Code Editor Demo shows the main features and capabilities of Code Editor.

Code Editor supports almost all the features that can be found in the Visual Studio.NET code editor, including customizable syntax highlighting, code outlining, code completion, unlimited undo/redo, bookmarks, word wrap, drag-n-drop, built-in search/replace dialogs, multiple view of the same text, displaying the gutter, margin, line numbers and many more.

Form Designer Demo

Form Designer Demo shows how to build visual interfaces by placing controls to the design surface, arranging them and writing code for their events.

Form Designer supports all of the common editing operations, such as dragging, selecting and deleting components and controls; allows serialization to C# or VB code (XAML in WPF edition), and provides execution of the form at run-time.

Script Debugger Demo

Script Debugger demo shows to execute and debug script code.

Script Debugger can debug application-independent scripts or be attached to the application process and debug script code run by this application. Script Debugger Supports Start, Stop, Break and Continue commands, step by step execution, breakpoints, expression evaluation, viewing local variables and watches, stack tracing and multiple thread debugging.

Demo projects run on .NET Framework 4.6.1 and are available for WinForms and WPF.
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