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AlterNET Code Editor is a .NET component library that brings efficient code editing functionality into your .NET applications. It provides code editing capabilities such as syntax highlighting, code completion and code outlining, visual indicators for bookmarks, line styles, syntax errors and much more, matching the speed and convenience of the Microsoft Visual Studio/Visual Studio Code text editor.


What's inside

Ultra-fast text edit control

WinForms and WPF text edit controls support almost all of the features that can be found in the Visual Studio .NET code editor, including customizable syntax highlighting, code outlining, code completion, unlimited undo/redo, bookmarks, word wrap, drag-n-drop, built-in search/replace dialogs, multiple views of the same text, displaying gutter, margin, line numbers and many more.

Roslyn-based .NET parsers

C# and Visual Basic parsers are based on the Microsoft Compiler Platform ("Roslyn"), which provides an open-source C# and Visual Basic compilers with rich code analysis APIs.
Utilizing these APIs allows advanced code-editing features, such as code completion, finding references and declarations, code outlining and highlighting syntax warnings and errors, to match the ones in Microsoft Visual Studio code editor.

TypeScript/JavaScript parser

This parser is based on Microsoft Type-Script project, which provides set of code syntax and semantic analysis APIs for parsing and analyzing TypeScript and JavaScript.
It enables advanced code-editing features, including code completion, code outlining and highlighting syntax warnings and errors.

LSP Parsers

LSP code parsers implement syntax analysis are based on LangServer that provides features like auto complete, go to definition, find all references and alike.
C/C++, Python, Lua and PowerShell parsers are included.

Advanced Parsers

Advanced code parsers that implement syntax analysis are based on hard-coded algorithms for a vast subset of modern programming languages, including C#, Visual Basic, Java, Ansi-C, VbScript, JavaScript, Python, HTML and XML.

Generic Syntax Highlighting

Regular-expression based Generic Parser is designed to perform syntax highlighting for an unlimited number of programming languages.
Syntax schemes for more than 30 commonly-used languages are included.



Code Completion

Code completion can significantly improve the effectiveness of entering code by providing guidance about possible input values, such as fields and methods in the current scope.

For example, for many programming languages, the sequence "someobject." should be followed by one of the existing field names. To assist the user in such situations, Code Editor brings an ability to activate the popup list containing all of the fields and methods of "someobject".

Code Outlining

Code outlining is a text navigation feature that can make navigation of large structured texts more comfortable and effective.

Sections, normally being defined by the Parser that performs syntax analysis of the text, can be visually replaced by a shorter representation, such as the ellipsis ("..."). During text navigation, the user can dynamically switch between the collapsed and complete representation of any particular section. Sections can also be nested.


Like most text editors, Code Editor supports selecting a portion of the text and a wide range of operations that can be performed on it.

These operations include copying/pasting, drag-n-drop, indenting/unindenting, changing case of words, formatting and more.
Selection can be of two types: traditional stream-type selection, and block-type selection. Block selection mode is activated by using navigation arrows while holding the Shift and Alt keys together.


Code Editor supports unlimited multilevel undo/redo.

Undo allows rolling back changes made to the text. It can be configured to undo a group of the same operations at once, and to include navigations in an undo buffer.
It also enables tracking lines being edited and gives visual indication in different colors for lines modified before and after the last save.

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