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AlterNET Studio 6.0 highlights

We have released new major version of AlterNET Studio, focusing on .NET Core 3.0 support, new LSP - based parsers and multiple improvements and bug fixes across our all core libraries.

Name change and all-in-one product offering.

Given that usage of our products customer's projects is well beyond the scope we anticipated initially, we have decided to rename our solution from "AlterNET Extensibility Studio" to just "AlterNET Studio".

As we see raising interest in ourintegrated solution, we have decided to simplify our product offering and include all core libraries under the same umbrella. Now Code Editor, Scripter or Form Designer can only be installed or ordered all together as part of AlterNET Studio solution.

We have also dropped a price of our solution to make it more accessible and we will be providing discounts for those customers who need an individual products such as Code Editor, Form Designer and Scripter. We still provide WinForms, WPF and Universal editions for AlterNET Studio solution.


.NET Core 3.0 support for most core libraries.

We now support .NET Core 3.0 via nuget packages for most of our core libraries, except WinForms Form Designer, TypeScript Scripter and Parser.

We also moved to .NET 4.6.1 as a default .NET Framework; 4.5.2 via nuget packages.
List of available nuget packages is available here.


New LSP-based parsers for C/C++, Python, Lua and PowerShell

We have added supportfor LangServer protocol which is used between a tool (the client) and a language smartness provider (the server) to integrate features like auto complete, go to definition, find all references and alike into the tool.

Code Editor improvements

We now support drawing guide lines that help to visually identify logical blocks, and improved support for dark color theme.


Other improvements

Other improvements include ability to set value in Expression Evaluation dialog during debugging C#/VisualBasic code; support for placing third-party control in WPF Form Designer and code fixes/code refactoring support for TypeScript.

Please refer to the complete list of changes here: version-history/6-0.

Feel free to comment on this blog or send your feedback directly to

Comments (2)

  • Ghada Ali

    The Code Completion of html and custom parser Not Show how to show it

  • Andrew Medvedev

    Some parsers (such as C#/Visual Basic, TypeScript) have full support for code completion, some like html parser do not.
    The easiest way to implement simple code completion is to handle NeedCodeCompletion event and provide the list elements to be displayed in the code completion list box (such as list of html tags). Please take a look at CodeCompletion quick start project for reference.

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