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AlterNET Studio 7.0 released - now with IronPython support

We have just released new major version of AlterNET Studio, with the main focus being on bringing Python/IronPython code editing and script debugging capabilities and .NET 5.0 support.

IronPython Scripting (beta)

IronPython is yet another scripting/debugging library that we have added to AlterNET Studio family.
IronPython as a language is compatible with Python 2.7 and is designed to work with .NET Framework libraries.
Being an interpreted language, IronPython Script debugging logic can be seamlesly integrated into your application.

We now provide three scripting/script debugging engines:

  • C#/Visual Basic scripting based on Microsoft Code Analysis compiler (Roslyn), the same compiler that powers Visual Studio
  • TypeScript/JavaScript scripting based on Microsoft ClearScript and Google V8 engine and Google Chrome Debugger development tools
  • IronPython scripting based on



Python Parsing

Python script writers can either use - based Python Parser, which requires python runtime to be installed on target machine; or our own Python/IronPython parser which was updated to provide semantic analysis of the text, which powers features like code completion, quick info, signature help and alike.


.NET 5.0 support for most core libraries.

We now support .NET 5.0 via nuget packages for most of our core libraries, except WinForms Form Designer, TypeScript Scripter and Parser.
List of available nuget packages is available here.


Please refer to the complete list of changes here: version-history/7-0.

Feel free to comment on this blog or send your feedback directly to

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