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Extensibility Studio 4.0 released, now with TypeScript support

Just before the end of the year, we have released new major version of Extensibility Studio, with the main focus on extending it to support TypeScript/JavaScript for code editing, script execution and debugging.

TypeScript/JavaScript code editing and execution

The big difference between TypeScript/JavaScript as a scripting language comparing to C#/VisualBasic is that well, this is really a scripting language, which is executed by Microsoft ClearScript using Google V8 Engine, and debugged using Google Chrome Debugger development tools.

These scripts can access application-defined objects, but the main difference is that it does not have the limitation of script being debuged to be in a separate process to the script debugger, which allows seamlessly integrating debugging logic into your application.

Code Editor now includes a full-featured TypeScript parser, with code-completion support for types defined in .NET assemblies, provided that TypeScript interface files are generated using TypeScriptTypeDefinitionsBuilder tool and are made available to the Parser.

We're still working on TypeScript loader for Form Designer, which once available, will make Extensibility Studio for TypeScript/JavaScript on power with the one for C#/Visual Basic.
Therefore we have decided to mark this feature as a beta for now till subsequent update, which will include ability to serialize user interfaces being designed to TypeScript/JavaScript.

Apart from this major feature we’ve included multiple improvements across all our products in this release, below are the major improvements:

Code Editor improvements

We have added DataTips, which allows to hover mouse over symbol in Code Editor while in debug mode and evaluate it, expanding nested properties if needed.

Colors in Code Editor code completion windows clearly separate description from types and reserved words, making it easier to read.

Form Designer improvements

We have added Localization support to WinForms Form Designer, allowing to have localized content for different languages, controlled by Localizable and Language properies.

Other improvements include new OutlineView for WPF Form Designer, controlling visibility for a multiple controls and Property Grid Filtering in WinForms Form Designer for easier navigation through the property list.

Scripter and Script Debugger Improvements

We have added support for class-less scripts (where script can be just a list of statements, without class or mehtod declarations) and optimized expression evaluation in Script Debugger, making it much quicker to evaluate Watches, Locals and expressions in Expression Evaluation dialog, as well as Data-Tips.

We decided to merge Demo Libraries assemblies together with the Core Libraries, and distribute their sources code alongside with other Source Code. From version 4.0 these assemblies will get the same treatment as Core Libraries, such as they are getting versioned assembly names and being updated when using Project Converter tool that facilities migration of the project to the newer version.

Please refer to the complete list of changes here: version-history/4-0.

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