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Extensibility Studio 5.0 highlights

We have released new major version of Extensibility Studio, focusing on installation improvements, Code Editor new features and TypeScript/JavaScript support for Form Designer.

Visual Studio 2019 support and NuGet distribution

AlterNET Extensibility Stuido is now compatible with all Visual Studio versions starting from Visual Studio 2013. On top of that we have published our core libraries to

Due to the changes we had to make to support nuget package distribution, the minimum requirements to .NET Framework was raised to 4.5.2 These package also contain .NET 4.6 targets which allow to use the latest versions of Microsoft Code Analysis packages (Roslyn), that support C# 7 language features.

TypeScript/JavaScript support for Windows Form Designer

Form Designer assembly is now split into core Form Designer library and language extensions that provide language services related to form saving/loading and handling events. On top of C#/VisualBasic we now support these services for TypeScript/JavaScript.

Similary, we have split ScriptDebugger assembly into common script debugger that provides degugging interfaces used by script debugger widgets. These interfaces are now implemented independently for C#/VisualBasic debugging and TypeScript/JavaScript debugging.

Code Editor improvements

We have reworked our Search/Repalce dialogs to match the latest ones in the latest Visual Studio, and added filtering an search highlighting capabilities to code completion windows.

Other improvements include automatic generation of type definition files for TypeScript, providing information for TypeScript editing and execution, and number of other improvenents and bug fixes across all our products.

Please refer to the complete list of changes here: version-history/5-0.

Feel free to comment on this blog or send your feedback directly to

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